YouTube Music bug shows black screen on iPhone 


Some YouTube Music for iOS users today are facing a bug where the app opens to a black screen on certain Google Accounts with no ability to play songs.

Those impacted by this black screen bug only see the app bar with YouTube Music’s logo, search, and profile avatar, as well as the bottom bar. (Notably, the navigation element is only showing Home, Explore, and Library as the Samples tab loads in after the fact.)

There’s no ability to browse or start playback, with this issue starting earlier today.

Users have had luck switching accounts and listening with ads, but their YouTube Premium subscription and library is only available on the affected one.

So far, the reports appear to be limited to the iOS client, with the Android app working normally today. 

This is presumably a server-side issue with the last app update coming in over the weekend (version 6.48.3). Uninstalling and reinstalling YouTube Music does not fix the issue. Many people have this problem but not everyone, with the devices we checked working normally.

Speaking of the iPhone app, some users have reported issues with the next and previous buttons being replaced by 30-second forward and 10-second rewind, which is useful for podcasts but not songs. 

This appears in CarPlay and the system-level Now Playing controls on the lockscreen. We’ve not encountered this issue on our devices. 

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