Xiaomi SU7 has a Super Power-Saving Mode which Caps the Speed at 90kmph and Turns Down the AC


Xiaomi Auto hosted another session of their “Q&A program” to answer user inquiries about the Xiaomi SU7 electric car. The company revealed that the SU7 prioritizes long journeys with its Super Power-Saving Mode. When the estimated range dips below 50km, the car prompts you to activate this mode, maximizing battery life. Manual activation and deactivation are also available.

The Power Saving mode also turns off heated seats and steering wheel

Super Power-Saving Mode reduces power consumption by limiting functionalities. This includes a capped speed of 90km/h, smoother acceleration, and reduced air conditioning performance. Comfort features like heated seats and steering wheel, ambient lighting, and heated mirrors are also deactivated.

To further conserve energy, the mode disables intelligent driving assistance, parking functions, entertainment systems, and even the car refrigerator. Don’t worry, Super Power-Saving Mode deactivates automatically when the estimated range climbs above 300km. Drivers can also temporarily override the speed limit for short bursts when needed.

Also, the SU7 features a camera positioned between the steering wheel and instrument screen to monitor driver alertness. This camera detects signs of fatigue or distraction like closed eyes, head turns, or phone use.

If fatigue or distraction is detected, the system issues voice warnings and displays on-screen reminders to refocus on driving. Xiaomi assures users that the system only analyzes driver behavior locally within the vehicle, with no image data recorded or transmitted externally. Users who don’t require the driver fatigue/distraction reminder can disable the function or the camera itself through the car’s central control screen settings.



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