Xiaomi launches multifunctional Mijia Health Pot N1 for just $15


Xiaomi‘s Mijia sub-brand continues its relentless expansion of smart home products with the launch of the new Mijia Multifunctional Health Pot N1. This versatile kitchen appliance combines affordability with smart features for convenient brewing and health-conscious living.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and specifications of this multicooker to see if it’s worth your attention.

Xiaomi Mijia Health Pot N1 Specifications

The Mijia Health Pot N1 prioritizes both convenience and quality with its thoughtful design. It has a clear glass pot body which includes a 304 stainless steel infuser cylinder in the middle that eliminates the need for separate filtering when making loose-leaf teas or herbal infusions.

The pot has a capacity of 1.5L which makes it perfect for individual as well as shared use. There’s a user-friendly LED digital screen and buttons on the base of the pot that make it easy to select the desired functions.

Xiaomi has also taken good care of the safety features here. The Health Pot N1 ensures your beverages and recipes are always prepared at the perfect temperature thanks to its intelligent temperature control feature. It also has dry-burn protection for added safety.

One of the interesting features of the pot is its 12-hour long-term reservation function that allows you to schedule your brews for a time that works for you.

Price and Availability

The Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Health Pot N1 will be available from April 6th for just 99 yuan (approximately $14 USD). It can be purchased from JD.com in China.

The Mijia Health Pot N1 truly sets itself apart with its remarkable price point. This makes it an accessible option for anyone looking to add smart functions and healthy cooking options to their kitchen.

Whether you’re a tea enthusiast, enjoy herbal remedies, or simply want to heat water or broth with precision, the N1 can handle the task.


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