Xiaomi launches Mijia 3 HP Air Conditioner with powerful cooling, energy efficiency & HyperOS


Xiaomi has announced the pre-sale of its latest Mijia 3 HP Dual Outlet Vertical Air Conditioner, boasting impressive features, energy efficiency, and smart connectivity. This unit is very similar to the recently unveiled Fresh Air Pro Dual Outlet variant but differs in some specs. Let’s delve into its key specs.

Xiaomi Mijia Dual Outlet Vertical Air Conditioner 3 HP Specifications:

The air conditioner features a visually striking design characterized by its star-forged silver glass panel. This sleek, modern facade adds a touch of sophistication to any space while ensuring durability and ease of cleaning. The AC is equipped with Kunyi biomimetic dual air outlets which provide a 160-degree ultra-wide angle of air delivery, which evenly distributes air throughout large and small spaces alike.

In terms of performance specifications, the air conditioner boasts an impressive 1710 m³/h air volume, designed for quick and effective temperature management. It operates efficiently with a cooling capacity of 1930W and a heating capacity of 2680W. The unit is optimized for comfort with two distinct airflow forms: “sky curtain” and “carpet breeze,” which adapt to different user needs and preferences.

The air conditioner is equipped with high-density antibacterial and antifungal filters that ensure the air remains hygienic. These filters are effective at preventing bacterial growth within the unit, thus avoiding the risk of secondary air pollution. They also offer an antibacterial rate of up to 99% and reach a top antifungal grade, thereby safeguarding the respiratory health of users.

The Xiaomi Mijia Dual Outlet Vertical Air Conditioner is rated with a first-level energy efficiency, affirming its eco-friendly design. The indoor unit measures 340mm in width, 1863mm in height, and 408mm in depth, making it compact yet powerful. The noise level remains low, ranging from 42-46dB (A), ensuring that the unit operates quietly enough to not disrupt the peaceful ambiance of your home.

The cleaning technology incorporated into the air conditioner includes an advanced self-cleaning system for both indoor and outdoor units. This system utilizes high-temperature drying to sterilize the components, effectively removing dust, debris, and condensation. Such features not only extend the life of the air conditioner but also enhance its performance and the cleanliness of the air it circulates.

In terms of connectivity, it is equipped with Xiaomi HyperOS Connect, which facilitates whole-house smart interconnection. Users can control the air conditioner remotely via the Mijia app, adjusting settings such as temperature and operation modes from anywhere. Additionally, the system supports voice control through Xiaoai, allowing for hands-free operation and a more user-friendly experience.

Pricing and Availability

The Xiaomi Mijia Dual Outlet Vertical Air Conditioner 3 HP is currently available for pre-sale on JD.com. It is priced at 5799 yuan ($820) for the initial launch.


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