Xiaomi 14 Ultra gets 5.5G network via an internal beta update


Xiaomi 14 Ultra has taken a significant leap forward in network capabilities with the recent internal beta update, supporting 5.5G networks. This update brings new features and improvements, setting a new standard for network performance and user experience.

5.5G Network Capabilities

5.5G, also known as 5G-A, is a revolutionary advancement in network capabilities, representing a significant leap forward from 5G. This next-generation technology is expected to achieve peak speeds and millisecond-level latency of 10 Gigabit downlink and 1 Gigabit uplink, offering a 10-fold improvement over 5G in various aspects.

5.5G technology is designed to enhance 5G networks with increased data transfer rates, lower latency, and improved reliability. This next-generation technology promises remarkable improvements in speed, latency, connection scale, and energy efficiency compared to 5G.

The competition among major operators to deploy 5G-A highlights the industry’s commitment to driving technological advancements and enhancing connectivity on a global scale. In China, China Mobile has a grand plan to open 5G Advanced demonstration halls across various regions. This shows how important this network is. Users will be able to get firsthand experiences of the transformative power of 5.5G technology especially in China.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s 5.5G Performance

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has shown impressive performance with the 5.5G network, achieving an extraordinary downlink rate exceeding 5Gbps, reaching an impressive 5132.34Mbps. This remarkable achievement showcases the cutting-edge capabilities of 5.5G technology. It also sets a new standard for network performance and user experience.

The 5132.34 Mbps speed surpasses the previous speed record over a 5G connection. With an approximately tenfold increase in network capacity, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s 5.5G capabilities are truly game-changing. This next-generation technology should enable low-cost connectivity for 100 billion IoT devices. It should also offer a seamless aerospace integration, highlighting its potential to transform various industries and applications.

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Xiaomi 14 Ultra Downlink Rate

Update changelog

The new update for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is designated and it weighs only 527MB. This shows that it is not a heavy update. Below are is the list of what this update brings

  • Adds a new convenient satellite communication and Tiantong business entrances to enjoy the satellite experience.
  • Adds a 5G-A capability (5.5G network). Users can now experience the ultimate speed of 5G. However, it is important to note that the actual status depends on the local operator’s network and service deployment.
  • Incorporate the April 2024 security patch to enhance system security.

New Features and Improvements

The internal beta update for Xiaomi 14 Ultra brings new features and improvements, including added satellite communication and Tiantong business entrances for a better satellite experience. The update also incorporates the April 2024 security patch to enhance system security.

Support for 5.5G Networks on Other Devices

Since the launch of this new upgrade of the 5G network, a couple of Chinese brands have lashed onto its high speed. The likes of OPPO Find X7 Ultra, vivo X Fold3 series, vivo X100 series, and iQOO 12 series have confirmed support for 5.5G networks. Honor Jiang Hairong stated that the entire Magic6 series already supports 5.5G networks, but there is no 5G-A logo on the phone.


Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s recent internal beta update has propelled it into the forefront of network capabilities with 5.5G support, showcasing exceptional performance with speeds exceeding 5Gbps. This significant leap in technology promises a huge improvement over 5G, offering users unparalleled speed and connectivity. The update not only enhances network performance but also introduces satellite communication features and system security enhancements. With major Chinese brands like OPPO, Vivo, and iQOO also embracing 5.5G technology, the future of connectivity is set to revolutionize industries and applications. This rapid adoption underscores the industry’s commitment to advancing network technologies and delivering cutting-edge experiences to users globally.

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