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Today WhatsApp has announced the launch of a new feature: chat filters. These will filter your chat list according to different criteria.

There are three of these filters, and they appear above the list of chats for easy one-tap access. Their names are very self-explanatory: All, Unread, Groups.

So, obviously, tapping on All will show you all of your chats. If you tap Unread, you’ll only see those where you have unread messages (whether you haven’t opened a chat since new messages came in or those you have marked as unread), and if you tap on Groups you will only see your group chats and subgroups of Communities.

That’s it. WhatsApp says opening its app and finding the right conversation “should feel quick, seamless, and simple”, and these filters will definitely help with all of that. At the very least, you will have less scrolling to do.

The chat filters are starting to roll out today and will be available to every WhatsApp user “in the coming weeks”.


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