Under the Bridge – Episode 1.02 – The John Gotti of Seven Oaks – Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos

utb_102_jw_02199r2c2_3k.th.jpg utb_102_jw_02142r2c2_3k.th.jpg

utb_102_jw_01877r2c2_3k.th.jpg utb_102_ds_00165rc2_3k.th.jpg utb_102_ds_00622rc2_3k.th.jpg utb_102_ds_01247rc2_3k.th.jpg utb_102_jw_01386rc2_3k.th.jpg

Press Release
Cam is thrown by a shocking discovery, and the police rush to unravel what really happened under the bridge. Josephine makes a deal with Rebecca, while a look into the past reveals Reena’s first rebellion.


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