Transparent Turntable: Minimalist Design Meets Cutting-Edge Audio


Transparent, the Swedish audio brand, continues to captivate with its see-through speakers, a favorite among minimalists since 2019. Their latest offering, the Transparent Turntable, follows suit, embodying the brand’s commitment to minimalist aesthetics.

Unlike other turntables, the Transparent model takes the “nearly not there” approach to design, featuring tempered glass planes and solid aluminum components in either white or black.

This turntable doesn’t just excel in looks — it’s also packed with features. The built-in phono stage and Qualcomm Bluetooth chip allow for wireless streaming, while input ports are discreetly located under the glass plinth. With a belt-driven platter and an Ortofon OM5E cartridge on an aluminum tonearm, the Transparent Turntable delivers both style and performance.

Modularity is a key feature of this turntable, allowing for easy disassembly when repairs or upgrades are needed. Its design blurs the line between audio component and design object, catering to Gen Z’s nostalgia for vintage technologies. Retailing at $1,300, the Transparent Turntable is available at select stores including MoMA, Bloomingdales, MR Porter, and the brand’s online shop.

With its blend of minimalist design, cutting-edge features, and nostalgic appeal, the Transparent Turntable stands out as a versatile and stylish addition to any home audio setup.

Whether it’s viewed as a piece of art or a high-quality audio component, it remains a testament to Transparent’s dedication to innovation and aesthetics.

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