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In an hour that undoubtedly left viewer’s reeling, The Rookie delivered a solid hour of drama and suspense that saw many of the characters thrust into situations that had them questioning their morals and ethics and in one case, how far they would be willing to go to protect the people that they love. 

Lucy and Tim’s romantic night took a sharp turn when Tim ran off on a mysterious mission following a cryptic phone call, leaving Lucy baffled and worried sick. The revelation that a dangerous enemy from his past in the military is alive, threw Tim into a moral quandry. A vow he made with a fellow squad mate to kill the man if he was ever found alive, had him toying with the ethics of a police officer, which is very unlike Tim Bradford. Tim tells his squad mate that he isn’t willing to murder someone, but the other alternative is to turn himself in for falsifying documents which could cost him his career and his freedom. The tension escalates as Tim returns to a distraught Lucy, steadfast in withholding where he was in order to protect her. Unable to tolerate his secrecy, Lucy demands he leave. The anguish that was evident in Tim’s tear-filled eyes reveals the inner conflict tearing him apart as he agonized over hurting Lucy. Eric Winter masterfully portrayed the depth of emotions swirling within Tim, depicting his inner turmoil as he grappled with the ethical dilemma he was facing. Unfortunately for Chenford lovers, they will have to go another week wondering what will transpire as the episode ended on a cliffhanger with Tim once again staking out his enemy. Hopefully Tim won’t take matters into his own hands. Vigilante justice is not something that Tim Bradford would ever be okay with. Let’s hope the writer’s stay true to that. 

“Training Day” – THE ROOKIE, Pictured: Eric Winter as Tim Bradford. Photo: Raymond Liu/Disney ©2024 All Rights Reserved.

The importance of mental health, particularly in law enforcement, cannot be overstated. Therapy is a crucial support for those in the line of duty. The show’s flirtation with Aaron dating his therapist raised numerous red flags. There were ample opportunities for the show to use Dr. London to underscore the importance of therapy in this profession. Given the show’s track record of handling sensitive topics with tact, there had to be a bigger plan in place and thankfully, there was. After a session with Dr. London, it was revealed that she has been recording her meetings with Aaron. It isn’t a leap to think that she is somehow tied to the big bad that was hinted at in the season’s debut. Thankfully, despite being frantic with worry over Tim, Lucy managed to be the comic relief, coming up with sharp one-liners and roasting Aaron for the situation with Dr. London. It will be interesting to see how things play out with Dr. London. Is she tied to the big bad? If so, what is her endgame? 

“Training Day” – THE ROOKIE, Pictured: Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen and Tru Valentino as Aaron Thorsen. Photo: Raymond Liu/Disney ©2024 All Rights Reserved.

Meanwhile, in a storyline that I’m confident no one asked for, Nolan and Bailey fostered a toddler that was left alive at a crime scene where her entire family was tragically killed. The decision to explore this storyline raises eyebrows, especially considering Nolan’s previous stance on having more children and the showrunner’s comment during a press interview that he would not be incorporating Jenna Dewan’s pregnancy into the show. Yet, Nolan’s sudden commitment to caring for the child until a suitable foster family is found contrasted sharply with Bailey’s apprehension, triggered by a traumatic childhood experience. Despite her hesitation, Bailey fell into the role of motherhood easily and now that she has seen what it would be like to have a baby, it is clear that she is going to want one of her own. It is mind-boggling why the writer’s thought this storyline would make sense, but I guess one has to trust the process. Apart from this, at least Nolan finally confronted Celina over making a crucial error at the crime scene. Her neglecting to clear the closet before allowing medics into the home, could have gotten everyone killed. 

“Training Day” – THE ROOKIE, Pictured: Nathan Fillion as John Nolan and Jenna Dewan as Bailey Nune. Photo: Raymond Liu/Disney ©2024 All Rights Reserved.

This episode was jam-packed with compelling storytelling, one might have to re-watch it a few more times to make sure they understood everything that was going on. For a shortened season, the Rookie writers are definitely delivering. Until the next episode, Rookie fans, let me know your thoughts! What is Dr. London’s endgame? Is she working with the big bad? Will Tim let Lucy in on what’s going on or will he go against everything he believes in to protect them both. Comment with your thoughts below and engage with me on X at @middleofcanada.

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