Sullivan’s Crossing – Confessions – Review: Managing the Storm Within


Tonight’s episode of “Sullivan’s Crossing,” masterfully juxtaposed the chaos of an incoming hurricane with the turbulent emotions brewing among the characters, resulting in a captivating hour filled with tension and revelations. 

The drama picked up directly where we left off, with Maggie and Cal arriving at the hospital amidst a flurry of emergency services, only to discover it was all a false alarm. However, the relief was short-lived as they learned of Sully’s misdiagnosis and his subsequent escape with Frank. Maggie shared with the doctor that her Alzheimer’s diagnosis was wrong and that Sully did not have a stroke after all. Instead, he was dealing with an alcohol-induced vitamin B1 deficiency. This set off a chain reaction of worry among Maggie, Edna, Sydney, and Lola, as they grappled with the need to locate Sully quickly so that he could return to the hospital for treatment. 

As the hurricane bore down, everyone’s focus shifted to securing Sullivan’s Crossing. During these preparations, viewers were given a deeper look into Cal’s past, as he revealed to Maggie about his childhood with an angry father and his role as a peacekeeper for his siblings. This personal insight into Cal’s past, provided an understanding as to his calm demeanour and his ability to navigate complicated situations with people. 

“Confessions” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan and Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Tensions flared when Maggie received a call from Andrew, who became jealous upon hearing Cal’s voice. It’s clear that despite Andrew’s claims of change, his old patterns persist. Similarly, Lola’s behavior in the episode underscored her as a disruptive force to Cal and Maggie’s budding relationship. Her flirtation with Cal, coupled with her decision to shelter a pregnant camper, revealed how her outward persona is a mask for her spiteful internal motivations. Lola confided in Cal about her deep respect for Sully but also mentioned that Sully’s need to treat people at the Crossing like family, stems from his own family’s abandonment—a conversation overheard by Maggie. 

As Maggie stowed away outdoor furniture at the Outpost, bracing for the storm, she reminisced about the tender moment between her and Sully, when he expressed his pride in her. She confided in Sydney about Lola’s remarks and revealed her discovery of the newspaper clippings at Sully’s home that highlighted how much he cared about her, prompting her to reflect on the impact her departure had on him. Seeking more insight, Maggie asked Edna about how Sully met Frank. Edna explained that Frank was his sponsor, but suggested that Maggie discuss it directly with him, emphasizing Sully’s reluctance to share his struggles with drinking to avoid causing worry, owing to his proud nature. 

“Confessions” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Amalia Williamson as Lola Gunderson and Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Frank and Sully shared a deeply personal journey, unaware that the storm was approaching. Sully confided in Frank about his fading memories, prompting Frank to promise a trip to a place that might help him remember. At their destination- an old fishing cabin that they used to frequent, Sully and Frank bared their souls to one another. Sully voiced his fears to Frank about not wanting to forget important moments, like Maggie’s first words. Frank, in turn, shared his own painful past experiences growing up half-white, half-Cree on a reservation, and how he was treated like an outcast. He revealed what happened in Alberta, that he wanted his mother’s regalia but his cousins had given it away, a story he admitted he hasn’t shared with Edna. Offering guidance, Frank encouraged Sully to use meditation to calm his troubled mind. 

The episode added layers to Frank’s character as he imparted wisdom about healing from within, even as the urgency to return home increased with the worsening storm. As Frank left to get the truck to head home, a critical moment unfolded when Sully found a bottle of alcohol. On the brink of giving in to old habits, he recalled the accident he caused involving Lola, leading to a cathartic confession to Frank about the incident, shedding light on the guilt he has been dealing with for all these years. Now that Sully’s secret is out, it is sure to send ripple effects throughout the citizens of the Crossing. When all is said and done, it will be interesting to see who stands by his side, and how Lola reacts once she learns that the man she considers to be like a father to her, is the one who negatively changed the trajectory of her life all those years ago.

“Confessions” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Tom Jackson as Frank Cranebear and Scott Patterson as Sully Sullivan. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

As the storm escalated, chaos ensued throughout the Crossing. Sydney became anxious as she hadn’t heard from Rob for hours, who was due to deliver a spare generator to the Outpost but failed to show. Simultaneously, Maggie visited war veteran Pete’s camper to urge him to evacuate, only to find him in the midst of a PTSD episode, repeatedly expressing his need to return to his daughter. He reluctantly agreed to seek refuge at the Outpost with Maggie. However, their journey took a perilous turn when Molly, the dog, dashed off, leading Maggie and Pete into the storm in a risky search. Meanwhile, Rob, along with Finn and Rafe—who rescued them from a mud-stuck truck—arrived at the Outpost as Cal discovered Maggie was missing. He headed out with Rafe to find her. The episode reached a cliffhanger as Maggie, out in the storm, was struck by falling debris, leaving viewers in suspense as the screen faded to black. Show runner Roma Roth, named the master of cliffhangers, struck again. It will be difficult for viewers to wait a whole week to find out how this incident will impact Maggie and her unborn baby. 

The episode effectively weaved both personal struggles and outside dangers, blending them into a narrative that expertly foreshadowed the tumultuous effects that the revelations made during the hour will have on every single character. This was a pivotal installment of the season that set the stage for the rocky roads that are ahead. Over to you, Sullivan’s Crossing fans! Do you think Maggie’s injury will cause her to lose the baby? What will Frank do now that he knows Sully’s secret? Will he encourage Sully to do the right thing and come clean? Or will he keep quiet to protect his friend? Share your thoughts below and follow me on X at @middleofcanada.



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