Spotify listeners may finally get lossless audio — but at a cost


Lossless audio & AirPods optimization coming to Spotify

Spotify is preparing to unveil its long-rumored lossless audio feature, but the company won’t be taking Apple Music’s approach.

The concept of Spotify offering lossless audio isn’t new. Initially dubbed “Spotify HiFi,” the idea was first teased in 2021, hinting at a premium subscription model named “Supremium.” However, it seems Spotify has revised its strategy, opting for an add-on model instead.

The new feature, “Music Pro,” isn’t a replacement for the existing Spotify Premium service but a powerful enhancement, according to a Reddit user discovered by The Verge.

Music Pro is expected to include several features. Beyond the much-anticipated lossless audio, which supports up to 24-bit/44.1kHz FLAC files, Spotify may also be planning to integrate DJ remix capabilities, allowing users to interact with tracks in novel ways.

Additionally, a headphone optimization feature is on the cards, which will use patented technology to tailor audio output for specific headphone models, including Apple’s AirPods.

The code also hinted at potential advanced library filtering options, such as sorting by mood or genre, and further advancements in AI-driven playlists. However, whether these features will be included in the Music Pro add-on upon launch is still being determined.

Speculation remains regarding Music Pro’s release date and pricing, as Spotify has yet to make an official announcement.

Spotify’s move is in stark contrast to Apple Music. In 2021, Apple added Spatial Audio and Lossless quality to its streaming service at no extra cost to users.

The introduction of Music Pro could potentially reshape Spotify’s position in the highly competitive music streaming market. By providing high-quality audio and unique customization features, the company has a chance to attract audiophiles who prioritize superior sound quality.

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