Sonos’ first wireless headphones to compete with AirPods Max


It’s been a long time since the first rumors about Sonos, a company known for its speakers, working on headphones. These rumors have become more frequent over the last few months, and now we finally have confirmation of those rumors – sort of. That’s because images of the new Sonos Ace wireless headphones have just leaked online.

Update: More images of the new headphones have leaked. You can see them below.

Sonos Ace wireless headphones

As noted by The Verge, the headphones were mistakenly published by Schuurman, an authorized Sonos partner. Based on the images, the headphones have some physical buttons on both earcups and also a toggle switch. The design is somewhat similar to Apple’s AirPods Max, with thin, adjustable stems that appear to be made of metal.

Another leaked image shows what’s in the box of the new Sonos Ace wireless headphones. They come in a protective case with a USB-C cable, a 3.5mm adapter, and a small, mysterious black box.

Technical specifications remain unclear at this point. The only thing we know for sure is that the headphones will have deep integration with Sonos speakers. The report mentions that “owners of Sonos soundbars will be able to listen to TV audio on the headphones,” for example.

Previous rumors have suggested that the Sonos wireless headphones will cost around $450. Schuurman’s website lists them at €403.58, which corroborates the rumors. For comparison, Apple’s AirPods Max cost $549 – although you can find them for lower prices in other stores.

Interestingly, Schuurman’s website also lists a Sonos Roam 2. For those unfamiliar, Roam is a portable speaker from Sonos that was launched in 2021. As Sonos is about to launch a new app on May 7, perhaps the company will also officially announce its new products later this week.

Extra leaked images from Reddit.

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