Samsung Galaxy Time watch faces launched, shows the time of all planets in solar system


Samsung Galaxy Watch users will now be able to tell the time of not just Earth but all the planets in the solar system. Samsung has partnered with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop a new range of watch faces, one for each planet, to display real-time data of that particular planet.

Galaxy Time watch face launched

Galaxy Time watch face

The new watch face, Galaxy Time, is available on WearOS-powered Galaxy smartwatches. This means it is available on all Samsung smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch Series 4 and those after it.

Owners of the eligible smartwatch models can download the watch face directly from the Google PlayStore. The Galaxy Time was made public on March 31, as announced by Samsung Germany. That said, its availability may be affected by users’ regions.

There are eight different Galaxy Time watch faces to match the number of planets in the solar system. Each planet has a unique clock system, as time runs slower and faster based on different factors. The time on each planet is calculated by meticulously observing its speed of rotation around its axis and its orbit around the sun. Given the complexity of these calculations, Samsung has partnered with the European Space Agency to ensure the quality of the time data used in Galaxy Time.

In addition to time, the new watch face can provide other helpful insights, including the distance of planets from the Sun and Earth, the number of their moons, and their real-time position and corresponding season. Samsung credits Leo Burnett (Germany), with whom they previously collaborated on the Samsung Galaxy S8 product campaign, with the original concept for the Galaxy Time.

As stated earlier, data about planets’ rotation and revolution are provided by the European Space Agency (ESA). Metadesign, a Berlin-based brand agency, finalized the design for the Galaxy Time watch faces.



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