Rumor: Apple ends production of FineWoven cases and watch bands, following complaints


Apple launched its range of FineWoven iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands last fall to much fanfare, as an environmentally-friendly alternative to the leather accessories. However, buyers quickly complained the material was prone to attracting dirt, scuffs and other durability issues. FineWoven also simply felt far less premium than the leather lineup it replaced, albeit Apple charging the same prices.

According to Twitter leaker Kosutami, Apple is giving up on the effort and the production lines for FineWoven are being shuttered. The company will probably try again with a different leather alternative option, like Alcantara.

It was perhaps significant that Apple downplayed the rollout of FineWoven last week, when it was otherwise touting the environmental progress it has made in the last twelve months.

We’ll likely have to wait for the new Apple Watch and iPhone 16 launch in September to see if Apple has a replacement for FineWoven lined up, as that’s when the company is probably going to refresh its case and watch band lineup next.

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