Ridley E-Grifn electric road bike launched as the brand’s first e-bike


Ridley has launched its first electric road bike called the Ridley E-Grifn. The new e-bike is well suited for urban as well as off-road movement and it comes with some decent features. The performance cycling company is offering both pedal-powered and assisted versions of the Grifn.


The E-Grifn reflects the uncompromising design strategy of Ridley and it comes with the Mahle X20 drive unit. The drive unit itself contributes about 3.2kg to the overall weight of the e-bike. The bike’s torque sensor is capable of delivering a maximum torque of 55Nm which is a decent output for a hub motor. The Mahle X20 drive unit delivers almost zero mechanical resistance at speeds above 15.5 mph (25 km/h). the Ridley E-Grifn has a 350Wh integrated battery in addition to an optional 171Wh range extender. The range extender, if included, replaces the water bottle mount on the e-bike.

The E-Grifn can be fully recharged in just 3.5 hours and achieves 80% charge within two hours. The bike has a 72-degree steerer that straddles between the steeper angles of a performance road bike and a shallower gravel bike. It has a lower bottom bracket than other performance road bikes and 420mm mainstays. This design allows the e-Grifn to generate the needed optimal power when accelerating. The bike is versatile to ride on the road and in slight off-road conditions and will come with up to 42mm tires. Buyers can decide to do away with the front derailleur clamp to suit their gearing preferences. Mechanical and electronic gear shifting options are available with the E-Grifn.

Ridley E-Grifn electric road bike

Customers can finetune their preferences for the Ridley E-Grifn and Grifn via the company’s online configurator. This also includes the desired paintwork for the bike. The Ridley E-Grifn is priced starting from €5,499 ($5,910) and can be purchased directly via the company’s website.

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