Quest v65 update brings iPhone-only feature as it tries to win over the Vision Pro crown


What you need to know

  • Meta began rolling out the Quest v65 update to the Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 2 on Tuesday.
  • Now, any iPhone running iOS 17+ can upload spatial videos or panoramas to the Meta Quest to view in-headset.
  • The update also adds a local multiplayer mode that remembers boundaries and layout in a common environment.
  • Other v65 changes include persistent XR passthrough and mouse & keyboard improvements.

The new Meta Quest v65 update is rolling out, letting you upload spatial videos or panoramas from your life onto your Quest 3 or 2 headset for an immersive trip down memory lane. Unfortunately, you need an iPhone to do so, leaving out Android phone owners.

You can now upload panoramic shots to the Quest Files app to reexperience your ultrawide vacation photos in VR, but only with an iPhone with iOS 17. Android phones have had panoramic photography for years, so hopefully, Meta will rectify this in a future update.

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