One of the Best Animated Sci-Fi Shows in Years Just Got Killed by Max—But There’s Still Hope


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io9 named Scavengers Reign to our list of the best TV shows of 2023—but the series won’t be returning to Max for a second season. However, with the news of its cancellation comes a flicker of hope: the excellent 12-episode first season will also be available on Netflix starting May 31, something that could lead to the streamer to pick up a second season.

Variety broke the news, noting Scavengers Reign—which follows a crew stranded on a strange and often hostile alien planet—will still be available on Max after it arrives on Netflix, and that while Netflix is “considering” a renewal, that call won’t be made until after season one’s arrival.

Scavengers Reign, created by Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner, expands the story begun in 2016 animated short Scavengers. In a statement to Variety, the duo said they were “beyond thrilled” that the series was becoming a part of Netflix’s “incredible animation line-up.” They also thanked “everyone who has watched the show already and to Netflix for giving it an opportunity to be discovered by a wider audience.”

The takeaway, of course, is if you liked Scavengers Reign season one, there’d be no better time to rewatch it—and maybe tell several dozen of your friends to check it out, too—once it hits Netflix May 31.

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