Netflix News: Happy Gilmore 2 Coming, 3 Body Problem Renewed, Family Drama on Tap


There is lots of news dribbling out of Netflix today.

While we don’t have many details, we might as well get the discussion started.

Here’s what we’ve got.

Adam Sandler Revives Happy Gilmore

For fans of Adam Sandler, the movie Happy Gilmore might be one of his greatest achievements.

Golfers rarely get the movie star treatment despite the amount of money that goes to the winners, but this 1996 movie uses adversity to push him toward the big prize.

Today, Netflix announced that they’d be reviving Mr. Gilmore, but little else is known.

Should some of Happy’s old rivals return?

Christopher McDonald played Happy’s rival Shooter McGavin, and he mentioned the project in March.

Whether that means he’ll be along for the ride remains to be seen.

Happy Gilmore Screenshot

Golf Starring Will Ferrell Greenlit

Timing is everything!

Is this a hint that Netflix is hoping to get into the “watching paint dry” excitement of live golf?

Will Ferrell will star in a new comedy that he is co-creating with Ramy Youssef (who costars) and Ryan Johnson.

The series will focus on a fictional golf legend (Ferrell). No other details are available, including who Youssef will play in the series.

What do we know? It’s a comedy and will have ten episodes. You’re welcome!

Will Ferrell at Celebrity Gold Invitational

3 Body Problem Renewed – Story to Reach Its Conclusion

When a series is based on books, there’s little we dislike more than it ending before the finish line.

Recent years saw American Gods drop right after one of the most crucial elements of the book.

Thankfully, readers knew the conclusion, but it still sucked.

Today, Netflix ordered additional episodes of 3 Body Problem, its most expensive series yet (topping in at about $20 million per episode for goodness sake).

Based on a trilogy by Cixin Liu, the story is complex and mesmerizing and certainly worthy of completion.

Creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss have also renewed a deal with Netflix to bring even more content to the streaming service.

Hell as a Game

Kevin Williamson Family Drama Ordered

I got my hopes up when I saw this news, but it was quickly dashed by a few words.

According to Deadline, Kevin Williamson has been tapped to write The Waterfront for Netflix.

It’s based on true events about the Buckley family, whose fishing empire is crumbling.

To regain control, they’re driven to increasingly dangerous means to keep things afloat.

They had me at family drama, and they lost me at “increasingly dangerous means.” Doesn’t that reek of potential criminal behavior?

Family dramas based around criminal behavior shouldn’t be called family dramas. Maybe I’m wrong, and the Buckleys will be taking legal risks, but somehow, I doubt it.

The series will return Williamson to his roots: He was born in North Carolina, Dawson’s Creek was set there, and the Buckleys also carried on their business there.

Kevin Williamson in 2023

Tim McGraw Returns to TV and Westerns

Tim McGraw, who did a fantastic job embodying James Dutton on the Yellowstone prequel 1883, is ready to get back in the saddle again.

He’ll be starring in a contemporary cowboy saga set in the world of professional bull riding.

The show is untitled right now, but the series from creator, showrunner, and executive producer Brandon Camp will follow a megastar champion (McGraw) who faces a life-or-death crossroads when a young, fearless rider enters the stage.

His presence will force McGraw’s character to reflect on everything from how he rides to the secrets he hides.

Westerns have been making a comeback thanks to Yellowstone, but not all of them are created equal.

James by the Livery - 1883 Season 1 Episode 1

Hallmark gave it a try with Ride and discovered how hard it really is to get the tone right.

It seems more likely that Netflix will have better luck.

After all, they were responsible for Godless, which was a freakin’ marvel.

Kate Hudson Stars in Running Point

From the mind of Mindy Kaling comes Running Point, a new basketball comedy set for a 2025 debut.

Hudson, who is also an executive producer, stars as Isla Gordon, a woman who unexpectedly is appointed to lead the family business — one of the most successful basketball franchises in the country.

Starring with Hudson will be Scott MacArthur and Drew Tarver as Isla’s brothers, Max Greenfield as her fiancé, and Brenda Song as a high-level staff member.

Kate Hudson on Howard Stern

In this sitcom, Isla is the often-overlooked only female sibling who takes over for her brother when he’s forced to resign his position as president of the Los Angeles Waves basketball team.

No shock here, but much like with Rebecca Welton on Ted Lasso, the male-dominated arena will be skeptical she can do the job at all, let alone do it well.

Kiera Knightly Stars in The Woman in Cabin 10

If you don’t like TV shows, you might be interested in the upcoming thriller The Woman in Cabin 10.

Knightly stars in this movie, which is based on the bestselling novel by Ruth Ware.

It follows a journalist on assignment on a luxury cruise who sees a passenger tossed overboard one night.

When she’s told all passengers are accounted for, and she must be nuts, that only drives her harder to seek answers.

This sounds like a good, old-fashioned whodunnit like Quincy, which I’m watching on GET TV right now.

A nice, self-contained mystery is always worth watching.

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