Multitasking on tablets with Android 14 just got a whole lot better


What you need to know

  • Google has upgraded its Pixel Tablet’s multitasking functionality when using “Alt+tab” on a physical keyboard.
  • The function now produces a row of currently open apps at the top of the tablet’s UI for easy switching.
  • The timing of Google’s latest improvement could be related to rumors suggesting a Pixel Tablet relaunch is on the horizon.

It seems that Google has implemented a better way for users to multitask on the Pixel Tablet when using a physical keyboard.

The discovery of an improved “Alt+tab” function on the tablet was picked up by Mishaal Rahman over at Android Authority. Rahman adds that Google has overhauled Alt+tab with a new UI in Android 14 QPR2. When the shortcut is used, a new horizontal row of apps is produced at the top of the tablet’s display.

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