MLS Season Pass drops price for remainder of 2024 season


As about a third of the 2024 Major League Soccer season has now concluded, Apple is dropping the price of the MLS Season Pass package in kind.

The season subscription is now sold for $69, down 30% compared to its $99 price at the start of the season. For Apple TV+ subscribers, the pass is now just $59.

Last year, Apple dropped the price in June and September, so this adjustment comes slightly earlier than last year.

The price drops reflect the amount of content left in the season package, and is expected to return to the normal pricing for 2025. That means anyone signing up today will automatically renew at the standard prices next year, unless cancelled. The monthly subscription pricing remains unchanged.

As a reminder, MLS Season Pass includes access to all regular season games, playoffs, Leagues Cup, and some MLS Next Pro and MLS NEXT matches. Each game has hosted pre-show coverage and post-match analysis, and each broadcast day you can tune into MLS 360 to watch a whip-around show covering highlights of all the live games. You can also watch on-demand later, as well as access exclusive player profiles, documentaries and more content. 

Some games each week are available to watch for free on the Apple TV app, no subscription required. As a special promotion, all 14 matches on the schedule this weekend will be offered for free, in front of the paywall.

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