iPhone 16 models likely to feature varied screen sizes


Photo on Dickson’s Twitter account revealing sizes for each model

Frequent leaker Sonny Dickson has revealed a photo purporting to show the forthcoming iPhone 16 lineup, and the screen sizes for each of the four models.

The image, which appears on Dickson’s X/Twitter account, supports recent rumors of different screen sizes for every model. With the iPhone 14 and 15 lineup, screen sizes are the same between the standard and Pro sizes, at 6.1 inches.

Likewise, the existing Plus and Pro Max screen sizes are also identical, at 6.7 inches. This was also true of the iPhone 14 lineup.

The 6.1-inch screen size has been standard for the regular and Pro models of iPhone since the iPhone 12, though it was first used in the iPhone XR from 2018. The 6.7-inch larger Pro Max size was introduced with the iPhone 12, and was adopted by the Plus models with their introduction in the iPhone 14 lineup.

As seen in the photo above, the standard iPhone 16 will keep the 6.1-inch screen size, but the Pro will move to a 6.3-inch screen. The Plus will keep the traditional 6.7-inch screen, but the Pro Max will move to a new 6.9-inch screen, making it noticeably bigger.

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