I used the Galaxy S24 Ultra for a month, and there’s a problem


I get to use a lot of phones over the course of a year, and when I’m done with the review cycle, I move my SIM into the devices I like the most. In the past, that used to be limited to OnePlus or Google; OxygenOS delivered everything I wanted in an Android interface, and even though the cameras weren’t the best, the fluidity of the software and the customizability meant I inevitably went back to a OnePlus phone.


(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

In Hardwired, AC Senior Editor Harish Jonnalagadda delves into all things hardware, including phones, storage servers, and routers.

Similarly, Pixels had their shortcomings — mostly around the hardware — but Google’s unique software features combined with outstanding cameras made using a Pixel a delight. In recent years, I found myself using Samsung phones more and more; I called the Galaxy S23 Ultra one of my favorite phones last year, and I used that device for over three months at a stretch.

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