Grey’s Anatomy: She Used to Be Mine Review: Cheaters Unleashed


 Tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy was full of drama as expected. Simone had to deal with moving her grandmother to a new home while dealing with her memory loss and confusion. Teddy and Owen are in a weird place and the interns are still at odds. 

Lucas is clearly jealous that Kwan has moved into his room at the intern house but there is no time to address the issue as this week’s patients flood the hospital. Dorian, the patient that has been the focus the last few weeks, is having post surgery complications. Winston is being hit on by the nurses and Richard notices and seems pleased. A new love interest for Winston would be most welcome. 

The comic relief, sort of came from the victims of a car accident. At first glance it seemed that Gillian and Cassandra were in a relationship until it was revealed that Gillian has a husband. She screams at him that they have been having an affair for the last two years in the ER when he goes on and on about suing Cassandra. You cannot help but feel bad for the guy but at least her headache seems to disappear when she is yelling. Ameila is called in for a consultation and determines the problem. 

Simone and Jo are dealing with a pregnant patient that is having health problems at the end of her pregnancy. Seeing her go through surgery while having her baby is bringing up personal issues for Simone. Highlighting an African-American woman in this type of storyline is important to see. Grey’s Anatomy always does a great job at highlighting these types of stories. 

“She Used To Be Mine” – GREY’S ANATOMY, Pictured: Alexis Floyd as Simone Griffin. Photo: Anne Marie Fox/ABC ©2024 Disney. All Rights Reserved

Adams goes off on his patients’ friends for being insensitive and Yasuda has to calm him down. Kwan and Jules make a steamy bet; these two just need to get together already. Simone’s pregnant mom survives and their baby is healthy. Her husband gives a heartbreaking speech about how they planned everything so carefully and did not want her to be another statistic, something very common in the community. All of this hits very close for Simone who has unresolved feelings about her mother’s passing. 

Owen and Amelia treat Gillian and Owen informs her husband. When they talk Owen has a revelation about his own relationship with Teddy. Richard lets Winston know that even though he and Maggie are divorcing, their relationship does not have to change. I hope we get to see more of them bonding during the season. With Meredith gone, Richard really only has Bailey left and with his sobriety shaky he will need all the support he can get. 

Simone gets drunk at the bar and Jo is feeling sorry for herself for not taking better care of her patient. She wants to quit general surgery and focus all her time on OB. Yasuda and Lucas fighting actually repaired their relationship in a cute scene. Owen finally explains how seeing Teddy flatline has affected him. Those two have been through so much, so it’s great to see them makeup. 

Bailey and Simone have a heart to heart conversation and explains why them being there is so important. This episode was really good and touched on topics that are important today socially, which as I mentioned Grey’s is really good at. I could’ve seen more of Richard, Beltran and Amelia however but with a cast so large it is difficult to fit everyone in. What did you think of the episode Grey’s fans? Leave a comment and remember to connect with me on X @jereereviews.

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