Google Messages beta reveals how Android 15 could let you text anyone via satellite


What you need to know

  • Google appears to be working on a satellite messaging feature in Google Messages for Android 15. 
  • A recent Google Messages beta gives us our best look at how satellite messaging in Google Messages will work. 
  • The feature appears to be more useful than Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite, because Google wants to let you text anyone (and not just first responders and roadside assistance) — even if there isn’t an emergency. 

Google has been working on satellite messaging for Android behind the scenes, and a new beta version of the Google Messages app revealed how the company might implement the feature in Android 15. In March, we learned that Google wants to let Android users message anyone via satellite and does not plan to limit the features to emergency and roadside assistance calls. Now, the latest Google Messages beta provides further evidence that you’ll soon be able to message anyone over satellite connectivity. 

9to5Google tore down the APK of the Google Messages beta, which has the version number 20240329_01_RC00. The site reports that the following strings were uncovered in the APK related to satellite connectivity:

  • To send and receive, stay outside with a clear view of the sky
  • Satellite messaging may take longer and can’t include photos & videos
  • You can message with anyone, including emergency services

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