Google just updated YouTube VR with 8K on the Meta Quest, but why?


What you need to know

  • Version 1.54 of the official YouTube VR app on the Meta Quest now supports 8k (4320p) SDR video.
  • HDR video is still limited to 4K, but the Meta Quest 3’s display resolution isn’t quite 4K resolution.
  • Google is likely laying the groundwork for the YouTube VR app to run at 8K on higher-resolution Android XR headsets, which will come later this year.

Google has been on a roll with YouTube VR updates lately, and the company’s latest update on the Meta Quest platform now supports 8K SDR videos in immersive mode. As long as you’re on YouTube VR app version 1.54 or higher, any non-HDR video that’s been uploaded in 8K should give you the option to play it at full resolution when in immersive mode.

Below is a screenshot of a clip from The Avengers running at 8K in the YouTube VR app on the Meta Quest 3.

(Image credit: YouTube VR screenshot by Android Central)

To find content in 8K, you’ll just need to search for “8K videos” within the YouTube VR app. When you pull up a video, tap the video settings icon in the bottom left and select 4320p from the list of available options. Keep in mind that HDR videos will still only play at a maximum resolution of 4K for now. Below is a screenshot of what the player looks like when selecting 4320p resolution.

(Image credit: YouTube VR screenshot by Android Central)

Note that YouTube doesn’t have a ton of 8K content just yet, but the number of 8K videos on the platform is growing.

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