Fiio Q15 review: This $399 Bluetooth DAC ticks all the right boxes


Fiio releases a lot of gear over the course of the year, and when the brand announced that it was coming out with the Q15, I thought it would be a higher-end model of the Q7. But the Bluetooth DAC costs half as much as the Q7, while retaining a similar design — albeit in a smaller size — and a lot of similar features.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because Fiio has made a habit out of doing this. The K9 DAC also goes the same route, offering the same design and a ton of the same features as the flagship K9 Pro, but for a lot less. Clearly, Fiio is looking to flesh out its DAC portfolio and list products in all price segments, and in that context, the Q15 makes a lot of sense.

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

The Q15 is retailing at $399 on Amazon, and that is less than half of what the Q7 costs. When I reviewed the Q7, I called it an endgame DAC that had everything you could want in a portable DAC. Fiio hasn’t changed too many things with the Q15; in fact, the biggest omission is the lack of a 6.35mm port — the DAC just isn’t big enough to accommodate the jack. Otherwise, the Q15 is able to deliver 1.6W of power, uses AKM hardware, and has all the AptX codecs you need.

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