FBI Season 6 Episode 7 Review: Behind the Veil


This is what happens when Isobel leaves the office for any length of time.

She was at the wrong place at the wrong time on FBI Season 6 Episode 7.

Then, in a real change of pace, Isobel got too personally involved, which caused her to be unable to see the big picture for once.

It’s beneficial every now and then to remind viewers that Isobel has a life outside the JOC.

She even has neighbors, a lovely man and his charming young son, Lucas, whom she stopped to walk and talk with.

Bombing Survivor - FBI Season 6 Episode 7

When they come upon that bane of New Yorkers’ existence, a political rally complete with protestors, she does them a solid, flashing her FBI badge to get them past a police barrier so Lucas wouldn’t be late for his dentist appointment.

It seemed like a good idea at the time before that nearby restaurant exploded.

Isobel gave aid to a badly injured Lucas as best as she could. But for once, not surprisingly, the oh-so-competent FBI boss looked dazed and confused, just as anyone in such a situation would. Isobel earned a rare moment of sympathy.

It was great to see this side of Isobel, running more on emotion instead of her usual weighing all the factors before making a move. She has to be humanized now and then.

Helping the Wounded - FBI Season 6 Episode 7

Remember, this is the woman who wouldn’t tell the undercover Scola that Nina, his pregnant baby mama, had been shot while on assignment during the FBI crossover out of concern that it would affect his performance. No, she won’t live that one down anytime soon.

It was an intriguing change of pace having the Russians employing far-left terrorists to sow chaos and division among Americans, especially since the far-right candidate beholden to Putin has already done so much on that front.

But apparently, the Soviets and their trolls are equal-opportunity spreaders of fear anywhere there’s hate as the bedrock of a political movement.

It was a clearcut enough mission for the JOC, mainly after it was determined that there was a second bomb out there somewhere — find it.

Tracking Bomber - FBI Season 6 Episode 7

As if the situation wasn’t tense enough, the case took on extra meaning for Isobel when her young neighbor Lucas became the bomber’s 12th victim.

Things became even more complicated once it was determined that Russian spies were behind the bombing, taking advantage of discord among the American public to mount a false-flag operation.

The State Department representative put the kibosh on approaching Kostova, the Russian spy in charge of this operation, because that might interfere with their negotiations to extricate a high-value target from the Russians.

In simple terms, Haskins was telling Isobel that one man was more valuable than the dozen dead Americans killed by the blast.

Luckier One - FBI Season 6 Episode 7

He was OK with the FBI searching for the second bomb as long as they didn’t talk to Kostova, the one person who would know where it was.

Usually, this is the kind of high-level quandary that Isobel negotiates so well. But this case had gotten personal for her, and she wasn’t about to let a little thing like diplomacy get in the way.

So she opted for a sneak-and-peak warrant that allowed for some lightweight breaking and entering to obtain clues leading to the bomb.

Scola and Tiffany carefully searched Kostova’s apartment and got them the necessary intel, locating and copying her burner phone.

Deadly Bombing - FBI Season 6 Episode 7

That only worked thanks to OA’s intercepting Kostova and her bodyguard to ask directions (shades of his maneuver stopping an iman for his wisdom on FBI Season 5 Episode 22.), which gave them the time they needed to complete the transfer and escape.

That at least got them a line on the second bomb, although it took some doing actually to locate it and take it out of action. It was innovative thinking by Scola to show that post of the first bomber being shot by Kostova to the zealous second bomber to get him to talk.

But Isobel accomplished little by arresting Kostova other than making herself feel vindicated for a few minutes. That arrest directly led to the death of the high-value asset, and Kostova walked since she was a “diplomat.”

There was no justice for anybody, just no more victims of a second bomb. Maybe that will bring Lucas’s father some solace.

Stopping Next Explosion - FBI Season 6 Episode 7

Isobel being front and center in her spotlight had one obvious consequence: Maggie and OA’s ongoing storylines got short shrift.

Let’s tackle OA’s problem first. He and Gemma are talking again and may meet up sometime. OA’s dragging his feet because he knows he must break things off with her. They’re not a good match, coming from two separate worlds.

The one thing every viewer wanted to know after FBI Season 6 Episode 6 was how Emma (and Maggie) was doing after Jessica’s death. Too bad the subject barely got touched upon. Emma is naturally afraid that she will also lose her guardian, Maggie.

How will this going to affect Maggie’s thought process on the job? Since she charged right into a bomb, apparently not that much, at least so far. She turned down bereavement leave, which would have allowed her and Emma to get more comfortable in their new roles.

Shining a Light - FBI Season 6 Episode 7

Did Isobel, State, or both make wrong calls?

Would Americans fall for this Russian interference (again)?

How will Maggie adjust to being a mother?

Comment below.

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