CLVX 1: Bluetooth Keyboard With An Integrated Touchpad


The CLVX 1 is a stylish Bluetooth keyboard that innovatively transforms its surface into a vast touchpad, eliminating the need for a separate pointing device. Traditional wireless keyboards offer mobility but require additional space for a mouse or touchpad, (often resulting in cluttered desks), while some Bluetooth keyboards incorporate small touchpads, they often sacrifice key space.

However, the CLVX 1 overcomes this challenge by integrating a touch-sensitive area in the middle of the keyboard, effectively turning the entire surface into a touchpad. This touch-sensitive zone enables users to navigate their computer cursor through swiping and pinching gestures, akin to a standard touchpad.

The keyboard’s special slippery coating ensures smooth finger movements without hindrance from key edges. Additionally, the top row of function keys doubles as a slider for easy volume control or other programmed functions, enhancing user convenience.

Despite its innovative design, the CLVX 1 retains essential keyboard features, boasting a 110-key layout with scissor switches for tactile feedback —The keyboard also incorporates RGB lighting that follows finger movements over the keys. The product also offers versatile connectivity options, supporting Bluetooth pairing for up to three devices and USB-C for a fourth connection.

While the CLVX 1 presents an intriguing solution to the keyboard and pointing device integration dilemma, real-world performance remains to be tested. Potential concerns include the smoothness of swiping over closely spaced keys and the overall typing experience. For the ones interested in getting their hands in one of these, we are glad to say that the project was fully funded on Kickstarter and the product should hit the shelves in July retailing for US$219.

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