BLUETTI AC240: World’s first weatherproof generator


Green energy pioneer BLUETTI has a brand new portable solution that’s ready to power your adventures on land, water, and anything in between. Here’s what you get with the mobile, yet powerful new weatherproof BLUETTI AC240. Plus 9to5Mac readers can get an extra $100 off the already generous early bird launch pricing.

BLUETTI has delivered a versatile lineup of trustworthy clean energy solutions for years. Now the company has launched its new expandable portable generator that offers IP65 dust and waterproofing, output up to 2,400W (4,800W in parallel operation), 1,200W solar charging, a six-year warranty, and more.

Power Beyond Limits

The BLUETTI AC240 is the world’s first portable power station that offers system-wide IP65 dust and water protection (including corrosion protection). Whether you need a power solution for your RV, boat, or any other adventure, the AC240 is ready to deliver.

This portable generator has a 1,536Wh capacity and features:

  • 1x TT-30 outlet (30A)
  • 2x 120V (20A) AC outlets
  • 2x high-speed 100W USB-C ports
  • 2x USB-A ports
  • 12V/10A DC outlet
  • 12V/30A RV outlet
  • 2,400W rated output with 3,600W lifting power
  • Expandable design up to 20,272Wh (up to 10,135Wh per AC240)

All-in-one RV and boat power solution

With powerful 30A output from the NEMA TT-30 port and the IP65 weather-proof and corrosion-resistant design, the AC240 is the perfect way to power your RV or boat adventures.

360-degree IP65 protection means the AC240 is dust-tight and waterproof to the point that it can protect against low-pressure water jets from any angle.

BLUETTI AC240 weatherproof IP65 rating

As much power as you need

While one AC240 delivers 2,400W, you can expand both the battery capacity and total output. You can run two AC240s in parallel to deliver an impressive 4,800W of power.

When it comes to capacity, the AC240 can connect with up to four of the new BLUETTI B210 expansion batteries (also weatherproof). That means you can build out two AC240s with up to eight B210 expansion batteries to go all the way up to a massive 22,720Wh of capacity.

BLUETTI AC240 weatherproof power expandable

For even more versatility, you can connect this generator to the grid for AC-side parallel operation, which supports simultaneous charging and discharging.

Charging the BLUETTI AC240

The AC240 features AC Fast Charge. Using a wall outlet for 2,200W input delivers an 80% charge in just 45 minutes with a complete 0-100% charge taking just 70 minutes.

With solar, you can recharge the power station quickly with 1,200W of input – that means 0-100% in just two hours.

Three more options, you can also charge the AC240 with a 12/24V car outlet, with a lead battery, or with AC + solar.

Unique BLUETTI AC240 benefits

The AC240 features the safest LiFePO4 batteries offering a longer lifespan of over 3,500 charge cycles. All of that is protected and maintained by the BLUETTI BLUETOPUS AI battery management system.

More great features include:

  • Plug-and-play design
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • BLUETTI App Control
  • Generous 6-year warranty

Get the best price on the BLUETTI AC240

The BLUETTI AC240 is available now with special launch pricing of $1,399 (normally $1,899). That’s 26% off – but 9to5Mac readers can take an extra $100 off bringing that to $1,299. Be sure to use code “9t5M240” at checkout.

Along with the AC240, complete your portable power package with up to 27% off the B210 weatherproof expansion battery and great early bird pricing on AC240 bundles with BLUETTI solar panels and more.

Get this limited-time deal now to lock in the peace of mind that comes with portable, dependable, and weatherproof power.

Bluetti AC240 all-weather portable power station specs

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