Bluetti AC240 Portable Power Station IP65


The new Bluetti AC240 portable power station launched on April 2.

Rugged outdoor adventures require tough equipment capable of shrugging off the elements and providing reliability when the weather turns. Bluetti’s done just that with the new AC240 weatherproof portable power station, available now with an early bird discount.

Bluetti is building upon the lessons learned from the classic weatherproof AC60 with its new AC240, by adding in must-have features, like faster charging and increased battery capacity. Not to mention, the AC240 sports an all-weather IP65 rating, perfect for anyone working, adventuring, or rescuing.

Certified IP65 weather protection to handle any outdoor adventure

Outdoor enthusiasts know that exploring mountain forests, catching the night’s dinner on the lake, or setting up camp at the cabin can bring sudden changes in the weather. One moment everything is dry; the next, there’s a new river cutting across the campsite.

Portable power station splashed with water outdoors with a blurry desert landscape in the background.

The AC240 from Bluetti is IP65 certified.

Luckily, you won’t end up stranded without power in such weather, as Bluetti’s AC240 portable power generator is IP65 certified. Indeed, IP65 is an international standard, meaning it can withstand the highest levels of dust resistance and moderate water exposure.

In other words, you can take the AC240 on your outdoor excursions without worrying about dirt or water grinding you to a halt. Bluetti equips the AC240 with independent air ducts, sealed electronic compartments, special drainage channels, vacuum-coated fans, and double-layer protected ports to achieve that level of protection.

Additionally, Bluetti utilizes the exhaust fan and heat dissipation systems to squeeze out any water that does make its way past the AC240’s defenses. While it can’t take a swim with you, Bluetti’s AC240 is up for most trials.

RVs, tents, boats, or cabins: an outdoor power solution for any need

Outdoor adventures are a time to connect with the beautiful sounds of nature, not listening to a gas-powered generator droning all day and night. Bluetti’s solar-powered generators, like the new AC240, are clean alternatives, ideal for RVs, camping tents, boats, cabins, or any other outdoor vehicle.

Person with chainsaw powered by Bluetti portable power station cutting wood near a pickup truck in a desert with mountains in the background.

Bluetti’s AC240 portable power station can handle heavy-lifting appliances.

And with a gas-powered generator, you’ll also need to lug fuel around in addition to the generator itself. Instead, the Bluetti AC240 is ready to go without the need for fuel, coming in at just over 70 lbs. and sharing the same dimensions as a modern microwave.

For a unit that compact, you can easily store it in your RV, boat, or camper van while still delivering a stable 2,400W of electricity. The 1,536Wh rated capacity can provide up to 3,600W under powerlifting conditions, providing enough power for appliances like a heater, laptop, coffee maker, phone or mini-fridge.

The AC240 also has enough ports to keep everything plugged in and charged, thanks to AC ports, USB-C and USB-A ports, an RV port, and even a NEMA TT-30 port. Bluetti ensures plenty of charging support is available through DC car plugs and solar panel charging (in as little as two hours when using Bluetti’s 1,200W foldable panels).

Bluetti AC240 and B210: a match made to conquer the next power outage

Bluetti has a history of creating escapade-extending experiences using add-on support batteries. These add-ons, like the B210, allow you to mesh together up to four extended batteries to deliver a robust off-grid power solution.

Organized workshop with an array of tools, power stations, and a workbench under soft lighting, showcasing a neat and functional space.

Hook up a Bluetti B210 extended battery to the AC240.

For example, the B210 provides an extra 2,150Wh capacity, for a total capacity of up to 10,136Wh from a single solar-powered system. These batteries are also weather-resistant and can act as independent units with separate DC charging ports and power-out plugs.

What really makes this combination special is the new “parallel” circuitry support that unlocks exciting options for devices that are enjoyed outdoors. For instance, you can use the Bluetti Parallel Box P480 to link two AC240 units together for 4,800W of output, enough power for energy-thirsty appliances.

Combining a network of Bluetti AC240 and B210 products to create the ultimate off-grid cabin solution is just the beginning. This setup also utilizes a rapid UPS function to allow the AC240 to act as a home battery backup generator during a power outage.

Bluetti’s portable power stations offer longevity and industry-leading warranty

Solar power solutions are the future of outdoor electricity delivery, slowly dethroning gas-powered generators. To provide peace of mind, Bluetti provides an industry-leading six-year warranty, meaning you can enjoy reliable portable power for years to come.

Person cooking sausages on a portable stove with outdoor camping gear and a power station visible.

Use the AC240 to expand your outdoor appliance list.

Bluetti also takes the quality a step further, using only high-quality Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries in their generators, such as the AC240. These batteries have a 3,500 discharge cycle rating, while still delivering 80% of the original battery capacity.

The AC240 also sports fantastic energy management capabilities using AI to help regulate the discharge cycles. This battery management technology delivers consistent, stable, and efficient electricity wherever you find yourself next.

Grab a Bluetti AC240 at a discount in time for the spring camping season

Bluetti’s AC240 hits shelves in time for the spring camping season on April 2 at an initial price of only $1,399. Making the deal even sweeter, AppleInsider readers can save an extra $100 off the new AC240 portable power station with exclusive discount code apple240 that’s valid through April 29, 2024.

Shoppers with their eyes on the expandable battery packs can pick up the B210 to pair with the AC240. Or, upgrade to the bigger AC240P with 1,843Wh for even more adventure capabilities. Both are available on April 2 alongside the new release of the AC240.

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