As Sony’s mobile sales fall fast, I still don’t know why Xperia exists — and that’s the problem


What you need to know

  • An IDC analyst shared in a Bloomberg newsletter that sales for Sony’s smartphone business dropped 40% last year.
  • The drops are expected to continue as Sony’s Xperia brand struggles to compete with the likes of Apple and Google.
  • Sony is teasing the launch of a new Xperia phone during a May 15 announcement, and it is rumored to be targeting more of a mainstream audience. 

Sony is just days away from launching a brand-new Xperia phone, and this reveal sounds like it will have a big impact on what mobile offerings from the company will look like moving forward. Per rumors and leaks, the smartphone is expected to depart somewhat from Sony’s typical strategy for handsets, which is to lean into the company’s photography prowess and target the niche and premium markets. The strategy shift comes as Sony’s mobile sales continue to take massive hits, according to data shared in a Bloomberg newsletter.

Masafumi Inbe, an analyst for IDC, spoke to Bloomberg about Sony’s struggles with Xperia, which have stretched even to its home market in Japan. Apple has a powerful user base in Japan and found success in bringing the iPhone to that market. Now, part of Google’s plan for growing Pixel is to target markets like Japan, too. 

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