Apple Vision Pro used to assist doctor during shoulder surgery


Since the launch of Apple Vision Pro, we’ve seen some examples of surgeons using the headset to assist them during procedures. Now an orthopedic doctor in Brazil has used a Vision Pro to successfully operate on a patient with a rotator cuff tear.

Vision Pro again used to assist doctor during surgery

The shoulder arthroscopy surgery was performed by doctor Bruno Gobbato at Jaraguá Hospital in Brazil. Gobbato told MacMagazine about the experience of using Apple Vision Pro to assist him during the procedure to treat a patient with a rotator cuff tear, which is an injury often caused by progressive wear and tear of the tendon tissue over time.

“Shoulder arthroscopy surgery uses a camera inside the joint and surgeons perform it by looking directly at a screen. With this device, I was able to see the image on the size of a movie screen with high resolution, as well as being able to see the patient’s exams and 3D models in real time,” the doctor said.

Gobbato praised the dynamic range of the cameras in the Apple Vision Pro. According to him, one of the concerns about using headsets during surgery is due to the bright lights used in operating rooms to illuminate the exact spot to be operated on, which can result in everything around the spotlight becoming too dark.

He also shared a video on YouTube showing how he could easily view his notes, patient x-rays, and the live camera at the same time with Vision Pro. A few years ago, the same doctor had already used Microsoft HoloLens during surgery.

Doctors call it a ‘game-changer’

Apple last month detailed how a Vision Pro app can be used with robot-assisted knee and hip surgery. A British neurosurgeon subsequently praised Vision Pro as “a game-changer” after it was used during spinal surgery.

With the new myMako app, Stryker is extending a surgeon’s experience in and beyond the operating room with Apple Vision Pro and iPhone. For better preparation, myMako allows surgeons to visualize and review patients’ Mako surgical plans at any time in a brilliant, immersive visual experience.

It’s worth noting that Apple Vision Pro is currently only available in the US with prices starting at $3,499. Apple plans to launch the headset in more countries by the end of the year.

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