Apple might change the orientation of its logo on the back of iPads


The iPad was born as a device to be held primarily upright, in portrait orientation. However, as Apple now markets the product as a laptop replacement, many people interact with it mostly in a landscape orientation – especially because of accessories like the Magic Keyboard. But will Apple ever change the orientation of its logo on the back of the iPad?

In an interview with Numerama (via MacRumors), Apple industrial designer Molly Anderson was asked about the Apple logo being “upside down” when the iPad is in a case with a keyboard or is held in landscape. Anderson replied that “this could change” in the future and that the vertical logo may not stay like this forever.

The designer noted that the iPad is a device that can be used “in all directions,” but acknowledged that people have been using it more in landscape mode in recent years.

Of course, that’s a quite vague answer, but Apple employees usually don’t say anything they can’t in interviews. This could be a hint that the company is indeed considering changing the orientation of the Apple logo on the back of iPads to match the MacBooks.

With the launch of the 10th generation iPad in 2022, Apple has moved the front camera to the center of the screen when the iPad is held in landscape. The same now applies to the M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro, both introduced earlier this month. And since iPadOS 14.5, the Apple logo matches the orientation in which the device is being held during the boot process.

M2 iPad Air back apple logo

Although such a change is only cosmetic, it would represent a new way of showcasing the iPad.

Would you like to see the Apple logo in landscape orientation on the back of iPads? Let us know in the comments section below.

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