Apple has been soliciting Vision Pro feedback since the device launched, but this week, the company has picked up on sending out surveys. We’ve had several reports from Vision Pro customers who have been asked to share their thoughts about the device.

Apple asks about Vision Pro satisfaction, environment usage, favorite features, what it’s being used for, how often it’s used, and how long usage sessions last. Apple also asks about guest mode and who else uses the Vision Pro, which is a curious question because it’s not at all set up for multi-person usage. Some of the questions:

  • Overall, how satisfied are you with your Vision Pro?
  • What is your favorite feature or aspect of Apple Vision Pro so far?
  • How often do you use your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌?
  • For how long do you typically wear your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ before you decide to take it off?
  • Who else uses your Vision Pro?
  • Before taking the survey, did you know that you can let others use your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ with the Guest User feature?
  • Which of these activities do you do regularly on your Vision Pro? (with a long list of options)
  • What types of video content are you most interested in watching on ‌Apple Vision Pro‌?
  • When using your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌, how often are you immersed in an Environment?
  • Whenever you’re using apps on ‌Apple Vision Pro‌, how often do you multitask?
  • Have you set up your Persona to use in FaceTime?
  • How satisfied are you with how your Persona looks on ‌Apple Vision Pro‌?
  • Where is your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ used most?
  • Which of these accessories do you use with your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌? (with a list that includes mice, cases, AirPods Pro, and more).
  • What head band do you use most often with your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌?
  • How often do you use your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ while the battery is connected to a power source?

The survey is long and in-depth, and also goes into the other devices that each respondent owns.

The uptick in Vision Pro survey distribution comes as there have been reports about waning interest in the headset. Over the weekend, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said that customers aren’t as curious about the Vision Pro, with demand for demos in retail stores “way down.” At some locations, demos and sales have dropped from a “couple of units a day to just a handful in a whole week.”

Vision Pro headset owners have also reported a decrease in usage, picking it up just once or twice a week rather than on a daily basis.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said on Tuesday that Apple is dropping the number of Apple Vision Pro units that it plans to ship, and he said it is a sign that demand in the U.S. has “fallen sharply beyond expectations.”

Kuo believes that Apple needs to address the lack of key applications, price, and comfort without impacting user experience in order for the Vision Pro to ultimately see success in the future.

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