Animal Control – Bulls and Potbellies Review: Mission Impossible


This week’s episode was all about undercover missions. Frank and Emily set up an undercover mission to bust the exotic animal ring case but Victoria had to sub in for her (more on that later). Shred and Rick needed a cover story to sneak back into the country club to find Shred’s mystery girl from last week but ended up bonding over their love lives. Victoria got into a sneaky situation with Patel’s parents. 

Terry met with Frank and Emily and got the name of the person in charge of the exotic animal ring. Emily is keeping this all a secret from Rick and making up lies about why she is always leaving him alone. When Rick goes to the office to bring Emily some breakfast he runs into Shred who is looking up nannies trying to locate his mystery woman. Rick offers to help and they take a ride to the country club where Rick notices a picture of the woman in the security office and recognizes her from her work. When they leave to investigate that lead, Shred lets it slip that Emily and Frank are working on a secret assignment. 

Emily and Frank come up with an elaborate cover story to get into a party where the ringleader of the exotic animal ring will be. Frank has disguises from his time as an undercover police officer and wears a bald cap looking extremely hilariously ridiculous. Before they can get out the door Rick shows up to confront Emily so Frank enlists Victoria’s help. 

She reluctantly agrees as she needs to study for her citizenship test but also get away from Patel’s parents because when she went to hug his father they accidentally kissed. Of course his dad is now making more of it than what happened and wants to tell Patel’s mother. Patel, living the good life with the extra help from his parents, does not want that to happen so he suggests that Victoria kiss him in front of his dad to make it seem like a New Zealand custom. It appears the whole gang this week are on these little missions to get things done. 

“Bulls and Potbellies” – ANIMAL CONTROL, Pictured: Joel McHale as Frank Shaw and Grace Palmer as Victoria Sands. Photo: Bettina Strauss/FOX ©2024 Fox Media LLC. All Rights Reserved

Meanwhile Rick and Emily have their first real fight and Shred gives her advice to patch things up with himself instead of shooting his shot. Frank and Victoria are successful in getting into the party. Frank meets with the head of the animal ring and they bond over their bald heads in a funny bit. Frank is failing to make an impression but Victoria saves the day with her knowledge of government officials. Frank runs into his brother at the party (who is there with their mom’s friend who he is having an affair with) and rubs it in his face that he is about to bust an illegal exotic animal ring. 

“Bulls and Potbellies” – ANIMAL CONTROL, Pictured: Thomas Lennon as Patrick Shaw and Jodi Bartman. Photo: Bettina Strauss/FOX ©2024 Fox Media LLC. All Rights Reserved

Rick and Emily make up but Rick reveals he is leaving for a month on a retreat. Perfect timing for her to get even closer to Shred just as Shred finds his mystery girl. So much musical chairs going around the office but not enough Patel this episode even though he did show up at the end to resolve the kissing problem with Victoria kissing his mother. He is a hidden gem. 

“Bulls and Potbellies” – ANIMAL CONTROL, Pictured: Kevin Bigley as Rick Doyle and Vella Lovell as Emily Price. Photo: Bettina Strauss/FOX ©2024 Fox Media LLC. All Rights Reserved

There were a lot of stories happening in thirty minutes this week. It all flowed nicely in a solid episode for Animal Control. The episode leaves the audience torn between who Emily should be with, Rick or Shred. Rick is a great guy and so is Shred. However, it is clear that we are to root for Victoria and Frank. Now we just need for them to realize they belong together.

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