AirPods to gain Siri Interactions, Voice Isolation this fall


AirPods will let you shake your head to decline a call without speaking. Handy if you’re in an elevator.

Apple is updating the software on AirPods this fall, with Siri Interactions and Voice Isolation among the inbound changes.

The same concept, can also be used in various other ways, including managing notifications and dealing with messages, all without the user speaking at all.

For when users need to speak, AirPods Pro will gain Voice Isolation. The feature will isolate and enhance the user’s voice, while simultaneously eliminating background noise like wind for the listener.

AirPods Pro will also benefit from the best wireless audio latency Apple says it has ever delivered for mobile gaming. There’s improved voice quality too for AirPods Pro gamers, including 16-bit 48kHz audio for in-game chat.

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