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Key Takeaways

  • The Yeedi M12 Pro+ offers 11,000 Pa of suction power and dual spinning mop pads for a thorough clean at $899.
  • The easy-to-use app allows for customized cleaning schedules and mapping of different rooms for convenience.
  • Despite minor issues like occasional mop dislodging on rugs, the M12 Pro+ competes well with pricier models in cleaning performance.

Robot vacuums with self-emptying, self-filling features simplify floor cleaning. However, such convenience tends to come at a cost and often involves bulky base stations. The Yeedi M12 Pro+ slides into the competition as a 2-in-1 with a high-end spec sheet and an $899 list price.


The best robot vacuums clean your house — and themselves

Yes, you can shorten your chore list with these top robot vacuums.

With 11,000Pa of suction power and two spinning mop pads, the M12 Pro+ is no slouch. I took some time off from cleaning my floors to see just how well it can clean.

YEEDI M12 Pro+

Editor’s Choice

$899 $1099 Save $200

The Yeedi M12 Pro+ is a 2-in-1 robot vac and mop system with an auto-filling base station. Despite including high-end features like 11,000 Pa of suction, it sits under $900. The bot cleaned just as well as pricier options, allowing me to go twice as long between manually cleaning my floors. The app is also easy to use, allowing you to schedule and adjust cleaning settings for different rooms.


  • 11,000 Pa of suction
  • Dual spinning mop pads
  • Self-emptying, self-filling, self-washing mop
  • Easy-to-use app

  • Mop occasionally dislodged on rugs
  • Won’t pick up all pet hair on thick carpeting

Specs, price and availability

The Yeedi M12 Pro+ launched April 2024 for a retail price of $899.

YEEDI M12 Pro+

13.8 x 16 x 19 inches

Dustbin Capacity

Battery Life
200 minutes (sweep and mop mode)



Compatible Devices
Alexa, Google Assistant

Surface Recommendation
Hard floors and carpets


Cleaning Modes
Mop and vac, vac, mop

Charge Time
3.1 hours

Dual spinning mop pads

Design, materials, and build

Convenient but not too bulky

Typically, a self-emptying and self-filling base station adds convenience and bulk. However, the design of the M12 Pro+’s base station does a good job of balancing features and size. The charger occupies a 19 by 16 inch square of your floor. At under 19 inches high, it can fit under some side tables.

Two large containers rest near the top, one for clean water and the other for dirty water. Both feature a built-in handle to make carrying them to the sink easy. The dirty water tank opens up to simplify cleaning. A front panel underneath the water tanks pops off to reveal the dust bin, though it’s the disposable rather than reusable type.

At the bottom, the robot vacuum parks itself using a ramp. Besides charging here, the M12 Pro+ will also empty its water tank, refill on clean water, and empty its dust bin, as well as wash its mop pads and then dry them to prevent odor buildup. The drying cycle takes around two hours and produces a quiet buzz that can be a minor irritation. Three buttons on the top of the vacuum allow you to turn it on and off, start a spot clean, or send the bot home. A camera at the front side helps the M12 Pro+ navigate and map your home to determine the best cleaning routes.

The cleaning magic is found on the bot’s underside. A single v-shaped brush collects debris. It does a good job of preventing hair wraps, though I still found the occasional one at the center of the brush.

Two spinning mop pads at the back extend out from the body of the vac when in use, allowing it to get in closer to the corners and around furniture. They’re held in place by magnets. In my testing, one got stuck underneath a rug and detached during cleaning. It was easy enough to pop back in but temporarily paused mopping.

Usability and smart features

Smart mapping makes for easy custom cleaning

An integral part of the M12 Pro+ performance is the Yeedi app. While you can start an auto clean or spot clean without a phone, the app houses a few essential features, including the mapping tool. The bot was able to map my first floor surprisingly quickly. It doesn’t need to navigate every inch of your space so long as its camera can see what’s ahead. In fact, the M12 Pro+ mapped my sunken living room even when it wasn’t able to drive itself there.

Once mapped, inside the app I could customize the space. By dividing rooms, I could create a cleaning schedule that saw the bot perform a deep clean of the kitchen and bath and a regular vacuum and mop of the hallway. It’s also possible to create virtual boundaries and even view the map in 3D. There are a lot of different options and I loved being able to schedule a clean to make the bot even more hands off.

For all of its great features, the M12 Pro+ is missing a few things. It doesn’t have its own integrated voice assistant, but it is compatible with smart home assistants like Alexa. It also doesn’t feature a built-in light, so obstacle detection works best if you leave the lights on.

The base station adds a lot of convenience. The 4L water tank lasted about a week of daily cleaning. According to Yeedi, the disposable 3.4L dust bag can last up to 90 days. Other than refilling and emptying, I had to wipe down the bot to avoid dust accumulation. The mop pads can also be detached for washing, but so far the self-cleaning feature has kept them clean. While the base station is convenient, I found the M12 Pro+ had to return frequently to empty its dust bag. That’s something to consider for multi-level homes.

Overall, the Yeedi app was easy to use. I did occasionally run into an issue where the software created a second map and I had to go in and reselect the original map.

Vacuum and mop performance

This bot can suck up gravel and wipe away muddy pawprints

The M12 Pro+ does a solid cleaning job, though like other robovacs that I’ve tested, it won’t replace a stick vac or manual mopping. While I can’t throw out my mop, I can go twice as long between manual cleanings. Cutting my floor cleaning time in half is worth the investment alone.

While I can’t throw out my mop, I can go twice as long between manual cleanings.

The M12 Pro+ has an impressive 11,000Pa. That was strong enough to suck up the pea gravel that my preschooler dumped out of his boots. It leaves very little behind on hard floors. On carpets, it doesn’t pick up the dog hair and ground-in dirt like my Dyson stick vac. It does a good job as a daily cleaning device, but I still wanted to dig out my stick vac to get all the pet hair up once a week.

With two spinning mop pads, it cleans better than the bots that simply wipe floors. It cleaned up muddy pawprints, but with the stickiest residues, like dried-on strawberry jelly, a bit of stickiness was left behind. That mixed with the need to shake out the rugs means I’m still going to manually mop my floors, but with the M12 Pro+ I can tackle that chore every other week instead of every week.

Obstacle detection performance

With a spinning brush to vac up debris on the edges and spinning mop pads that stick out from the bot, the M12 Pro+ does a decent job cleaning along the edges of walls and furniture. While it could physically fit under the lip at the bottom of my kitchen cupboards, it didn’t drive up to the edge — likely seeing it as an obstacle.

The M12 Pro+ easily detects larger obstacles like shoes. However, it did attempt to suck up smaller objects like Nerf darts. It avoided cords that were plugged into walls, but ran right over one left in the middle of the floor. While hit-and-miss, the obstacle detection performed similarly to other bots I’ve tried, so I wouldn’t consider the obstacle detection a deal-breaker.

The Yeedi did a fairly good job of cleaning throw rugs. While it did occasionally flip up a corner, it didn’t seem to get trapped as often as other bots that I’ve tested.

Verdict: Cleans as well as pricier models

Ultimately, I can go twice as long between manually scrubbing my floors with the Yeedi M12 Pro+ — and that’s worth the cost of the bot. The vac-and-mop combo cleaned just as well as the models that I’ve tested that sell for more than $1,200. It picked up even heavy pea gravel, wiped away muddy pawprints, and swiped debris from edges and corners.

YEEDI M12 Pro+

Editor’s Choice

$899 $1099 Save $200

After using the M12 Pro+ I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it myself. However, there are a few minor complaints to note. It didn’t get under the lip of my kitchen cupboards. Once, a rug pulled off one of the mop pads. It doesn’t have a few of the non-essential-but-nice features like built-in lights or integrated voice control. Those are minor complaints, however, and the Yeedi M12 Pro+’s high-powered suction and spinning mop pads clean just as well as bots that are priced hundreds more.

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