13 useful Paramount+ features, tips, and tricks


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  • Get the most out of your Paramount+ subscription by taking advantage of its hidden features.
  • I’ve used the service and have found a handful of features, tips, and tricks that are actually useful.
  • For example, did you know you could remove content from your watch history?

As the official home of Star Trek and all of CBS, Paramount+ has proven itself an indispensable streaming service. However, you might not be making the most of your Paramount+ subscription.

For example, did you know you can watch Paramount+ online with friends using a browser extension? There is also a way to add a second set of subtitles and even audio descriptions for viewers with visual impairments.

I’ve rounded up the best Paramount+ tips and tricks to make your streaming experience as smooth as possible.


Paramount+ provides two subscription options. The Essential plan is priced at $5.99 per month and includes advertisements, following a one-week free trial. The Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan costs $11.99 per month, offers a one-week free trial, and is mostly ad-free, except for live TV and select shows.

1 Watch Paramount+ outside the US

Use a VPN to get around geo-blocking

Express VPN/Pocket-lint

Unfortunately, Paramount+ only works in the US. Therefore, if you vacation outside the country, you can’t stream your favorite shows and movies.

However, you can bypass regional restrictions by utilizing a VPN, such as ExpressVPN. Alternatively, you can install the free Hola unblocked browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, or Android.


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2 Change how subtitles look

Make captions easier to read

You can change the font, size, and color of subtitles when watching in a web browser or the Paramount+ app. In the app, tap More > Settings > Subtitles & Captions.

In the web player, select the speech bubble in the upper-right, choose a language under Subtitles, then select Subtitle Settings. If you’re watching Paramount+ on a television, you might need to adjust subtitles through your TV menus.


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3 Watch Paramount+ with friends

Host a Paramount Plus watch party


Paramount+ doesn’t include a built-in feature like Netflix Parties for watching with friends, but there are other alternatives. For instance, Kast is a group chat platform that allows you and your friends to watch and engage in real-time discussions while streaming Paramount+ or any content accessed through a browser, including YouTube, Hulu, and more.


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4 Stop automatic episode playback

Don’t play the next episode

Paramount+ automatically queues up the next episode of shows, but you can turn this feature off and on. In the mobile app, tap More > Settings > Autoplay. In the Paramount+ app for smart TVs, go to Settings > Video > Autoplay.

In the web interface, select your Profile name in the upper-right, choose Account from the dropdown menu, and scroll down to the Autoplay section.


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5 Add more subtitle languages

See two sets of subtitles at once

Double Subtitles/Pocket-lint

For multilingual households, you can enable dual subtitles using a Google Chrome extension. Simply install Double Subtitles for Paramount+, and then select two different languages to display at the bottom of your screen.


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6 See what’s new on Paramount+

Find out when your favorite shows are dropping

Wondering what TV shows and movies will be streaming soon? Fortunately, there’s a list of what’s coming to Paramount+. You’ll find all the new content for the current month, including live sports events, along with specific dates when shows and movies officially drop.


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7 Remove content from your watch history

Clean up your Keep Watching list

Want to clean up your viewing history? Under Keep Watching, select Edit and choose which titles you wish to remove. This trick only works in a web browser, but the changes will be reflected in the Paramount+ apps.


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8 Set up Paramount+ profiles

Create up to six viewer profiles

Paramount Plus recommends content based on your viewing history, but you wouldn’t want your recommendations influenced by your kids (of vice versa). By creating individual profiles for each household member, you ensure that their ratings and viewing habits won’t impact your recommendations.

When you log in to the Paramount+ app, you’ll see the “Who’s Watching?” page. Choose Add profile to set up a new one, or select Edit Profiles to make changes to existing profiles. You can enable Kids Mode for any profile to limit the types of content users can watch.

In a web browser, select your Profile name in the upper-right corner and choose Add Profile or Add Kids Profile. You can have up to six profiles, but you can only stream on three screens at the same time.


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9 Set up Paramount+ parental controls

Restrict what kids can watch

Speaking of creating separate profiles, you can set up parental controls to further restrict the types of content kids can watch. In a web browser, go to paramountplus.com/account, then scroll down and turn on Parental Controls.

First, you must enter your Paramount+ password. After that, you can create a PIN, which is required to switch profiles and watch shows or movies above a certain content rating.

10 Download TV shows and movies

Watch Paramount+ offline

If you want to watch Paramount+ offline, you can download movies and TV episodes on your mobile device. Go to the page for the show or movie, then tap Download under the movie title or the Down Arrow next to an episode. To access your downloaded videos, tap More > Downloads. This feature is only available for Paramount+ With Showtime subscribers (formerly Paramount+ Premium).


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11 Utilize Google Home voice control

Watch Paramount+ TV shows on your Google Home

If you have a Google Home device, you can watch Paramount+ TV shows on your small screen using voice commands. After setting up your device, use the Google Home mobile app to link your Paramount+ account. Then, say something like “Hey Google, Play Star Trek Discovery on Paramount Plus” to start watching.

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12 Watch Paramount+ in VR

Use the Firefox Reality app for Oculus

While Paramount+ lacks a dedicated VR application, you can still enjoy Paramount+ content in virtual reality by accessing the website via a browser and logging in with your member credentials. For an immersive experience, consider using the Firefox Reality app on Oculus, which provides excellent video playback capabilities.

Oculus Quest 2

$199 $249 Save $50

A fantastic upgrade to the original Quest, and the improved visuals, features and price make it a must-consider.


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13 Turn on audio descriptions

Make Paramount+ more accessible

Paramount+ is leading the charge for accessibility in streaming services by offering audio descriptions. These descriptions narrate the on-screen action, providing a similar experience to subtitles for the hearing impaired but tailored for those with visual impairments. Audio descriptions are accessible for a wide range of Paramount+ content and select other titles.

Paramount+ supports audio descriptions on most web browsers. To activate audio descriptions, start playing something and select the speech bubble in the upper-right corner. Under Audio, select the option with AD at the end, for example, English (US) AD.

If you’re watching the Paramount+ app on your TV or mobile device, you might be able to turn on audio descriptions in your device settings. For example, on Roku TVs, this feature is called Screen Reader.

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